Brownsboro Community Church is an outgrowth of Brownsboro Union Sunday School which was organized in 1925 by the late Rev. D.D. Randall, a missionary of the American Sunday School Union. Mrs. George Hansen signed the original constitution in 1925. Their meetings were held in the old Brownsboro Schoolhouse (across the highway from the present church) on Sunday afternoons. People laughed, saying that “someone was rooting for them” as pigs wandered about the school yard. In 1958 the Rev. Allen W. Hill (the Sunday School Union missionary in this area) moved the meeting time to the morning hour.


In 1949 it was noted that Rev. Randall had not missed a service since the Sunday School was organized in 1925. The first monthly salary (for part time) was $300.00. The church had several pastors including Fred Pollock, Robert Sanderson from Trail, Oregon, and Ed Graham, the pastor when the Sunday School was incorporated into a church in 1965. Attendance in the past few years had grown and was then averaging about 70 people. A number of other pastors preached at the old Schoolhouse church including Al Metes, Dave Price, Gary Proctor, Roger Smith and Garlan Shinn.


Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hanson from the Brownsboro area donated the present property and a new church building was begun in 1966. Many men who attended the church volunteered and constructed our present building. The dedication was held May 3, 1970 with Ed Graham officiating. As was the policy, the church was debt-free when the building was completed. After Ed Graham retired in 1972, Pastors Roy Brock, Walter Stinnett and Don Swickard followed. Pastor Don was the first full-time AMF pastor here. Fred DeVos followed from 1981 until December of 1992. During this time he visited or called on every home from the Brownsboro area up to Lake Creek plus all the homes in White City. Daryl Backus served as pastor from August 1993 until July 2007. During this time the church was expanded and remodeled.


Pastor Rick Cook began serving in February 2008 and is our current pastor. With all the changes that have taken place since its incorporation, under the leadership of Pastor Rick, BCC remains a family-friendly fellowship committed to (1) proclaiming the kingdom gospel in order that people may know the living God and experience a personal relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, (2) teaching sound doctrine in order that believers may learn how to grow toward spiritual maturity through walking daily with God and living in obedience to the commands of Christ and to see that believers are equipped for works of ministry in order that they may show others how to know the living God and experience a personal relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, and (3) defending the faith once for all delivered to the saints.